Spring Break No Parents

by Leer

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We have had the help of many people from day one, far too many to name here, but with my full gratitude, thank you for all the support in any and all forms that it came. We wouldn’t have been able to do anything without the kindess of others and their respective communities. Special thanks to Chris Gough, Aaron Kovacs, Bob Vielma, and the rest of our family and friends who made this record possible.

From Leer,
Thank You

Jacket by Jonathan Ruiz
Insert Photo by Mari Minjoe
Insert Layout by Jeremy Romero


released August 17, 2013

brandon holder: vocals
dan vo: guitar / vocals
drew satterlund: guitar
francisco duarte: bass
elijah stoll: drums

Recorded live at The Atomic Garden in Palo Alto, California by Jack Shirley


tags: punk San Jose


all rights reserved


Leer San Jose, California

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Track Name: As Cool As An Attempted Suicide
I will burn this Shell away
So I can't think of these days
Everyone is going away
It's always been the same
There are a million reenactments pounding in my head
As each one ends another part of me sheds
I just want to rest my head
I want out but a method will never appear
I want out
Can you help me find a way out of here
I have to step forward but I can't look back
Can you help me step forward
Help me
Don't look back
Don't ever look back
I am the skinless son
I am your skinless son
Track Name: Spring Break
Never got the chance to picture this in your head
Rocks scrape out feet and branches mark our hands
It's hard to pinpoint the opening sequence
When time slips before us in the shortest glimpse
Is it different or is it just distant
Readjust your eyes
We're on the same side
Track Name: Commemoration
Recollect and retrospect
I've been trying
A new day to fall
To get back up and
Don't let them in
To face what lies before today and to remember
The past can bring a reappearance
The past will notice
I can't do this
So take your tired metaphors about being sad
I am human, you are human
Let go of your high hopes
Track Name: House Music
What have we fought for
Something significant
Something more
Set to float sailing southward
A piece of you kept as you desired
Everything has been rearranged
But I can't say that we have changed
There are problems under the rug so pick it up
Track Name: No Parents
Through some eyes things have gotten better
But through these eyes events can't be severed
After closing this window I still feel the same
For the damage you've done you should ashamed
Blind contempt met with diluted disdain
Looking from a distance at what remains
Have you truly changed do you push this away
To a colder place we ride away
Can you see what lies before you
Can you face today
To a colder place we ride away
Track Name: Tender Compliments
I've failed before but I'll try again
An unsettling feeling from within
It all becomes so tiring
So why can't I sleep
I swear I'm trying
So little has passed yet I feel so worn
Vibrant colors washed out with old words
I don't want to feel anymore
I don't want to know anymore
I am closing my eyes but I'll be fine
Track Name: Perpetuity
Something unprecedented in the way
We've grown so much we've grown apart
I wish I could tell you but I don't have the heart to say
Can another withering year embalzon itself with a new cure
Nothing can be promised but companionship with intemperrance
Nothing to solder
No one to blame
No reassurance
Alone afraid
No reassurance
We aren't the same
Monuments that have been placed in my conscience
We are not our fathers