by Leer

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released October 21, 2011

Brandon Holder: Vocals
Dan Vo: Guitar
Drew Satterlund: Guitar
Harold Goldstein: Bass
Elijah Stoll: Drums

Recorded at Dan's House with the help of Thomas Nguyen and Jonathan Ruiz.


tags: punk San Jose


all rights reserved


Leer San Jose, California

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Track Name: Safe Words
why does it hurt inside?
it tears at my threads
to know that you left
and I wish you were here
I hold our memories so dear
but now you're gone
and now I feel so alone
I felt the pain press
it still hasn't left
it kills me inside
I wish you were sitting here giving advice
and it kills me inside
to know that you left
I feel so distressed
and your memory lives on
a faint memory
this faint memory means so much to me
Track Name: Please Don't Step On Butterflies
I dig deep inside and try to find who I am but I know this searching will never end
I take a long walk and I breathe in the air but everything that surrounds me causes despair
every choice I make never feels right
so is this life really worth the fight
here I stand all alone
stuck in a decision that I never chose
and it hurts
but in the end it could be worse
and I'm nothing but a tearing heart
feel like I'm falling apart never knew where to start
now it's time for me to leave
maybe now I can finally breathe
all my life I've been pushed away
but now I have something to say
life will get harder every day
no matter what decisions you make
but in the end it could be worse
Track Name: Pluto
the sun is my enemy
nothing I could do could heal this pain
everything I do leaves a scar or a stain
for once in my life can this please not backfire
for once in my life can I be what I desire
feeling like there is no hope
reality makes me choke
I hold no one close to me
is this what I should be?
I'm slipping further away
how much longer can I stay?
my ability to hold back the words that swell on my tongue decrease
alienation has become my best friend
I could never be what someone else wants
so just accept me for what I'm not
Track Name: Fruit Snackerz
you gave me an amazing night
but I'll never be all right
because even at that time I knew I'd never see you after that night
when our hips would bump and our hand would touch it was just us
Track Name: Tug
Who am I to judge
sitting back here hating everyone
you were the only thing I loved
all of that pain that you kept me from
but now I've shaken the tree
so I guess it's time to wait and see
it's best to forget is what you told me
you were telling me to let go and not beat myself up
but there was no way I could let you go and give up
are you sure you want to know what you want to know
because if you don't like what you see then don't blame me
I never gave in
no, I never gave in
through thick or thin i never gave in
give you up
I never gave in
no, I never gave in
through thick or thin I never gave in
let you down