by Leer

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released 17 February 2012

Brandon Holder: Vocals
Dan Vo: Guitar
Drew Satterlund: Guitar
Francisco Durate: Bass
Elijah Stoll: Drums

Recorded at Dan's House A.K.A. Vo Records A.K.A. Big Pimpin' A.K.A. Rare secret spot. Mixed and mastered by Mix Master Zach Weeks.

Huge thanks and shout outs to Cerce, Jon Ruiz, Chris Gough, Thomas Nguyen, Ryan Fleischer, Andrew Yeung, Boboso, Ashley Wood(and anyone else at It's A Trap) Adam Smasher, Chase Madson, Nate Hoe, Daktar Blast James and everyone who has helped us out. Thanks to Dan's parents for being really awesome all the time.



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Track Name: Statler
The first night laying there the untouched feeling
Slipping into the cold to let my thoughts unfold
What’s put me in this place has thrown me off pace
But I like the change and you next to me
Hold my hands and follow me on the bathroom floor
Tonight I think we’ve reached our core
Please don’t dismiss this and please don’t forget me
Track Name: And
Walk away
It’s not worth the wait
Its just decisions on fate
We’ll find something better
Maybe even great
Track Name: Waldorf
Are you angry?
It slipped through my chest and into your hands
Are you angry?
I can’t hold this in
Are you angry?
It slipped through my chest and into your hands
I can’t hold this in
I can’t hold it in
I can’t hold you in
Fire in my pocket
Hatred in my throat
Anger in my veins
Leave it alone
Leave me alone
Burn the home
It slipped through my chest and into your hands
I’ll find my way one day but until then the lines are thin